Let’s talk about gamification

One of my dreams -and goals- is to see Smartea App as an application that’s not only beautiful+cool+useful, but also engaging. And one of the ways to reach a level of engagement is by adding gamification into the development.

Gamification is an emerging practice in digital businesses nowadays, not only in games. But how can we apply it to our application? We need to understand and learn from games, what makes them succesful, engaging. Cases like Angry Birds, Candy Crush or the recently successful word game Ruzzle are a good example of how good can it be to put gamification in the business in order to make it more profitable.

I’m taking a Gamification course, because I’ve found it a matter of great importance for our emerging business practice. It is a powerful tool: using simple elements like badgets, points-scores, levels, quests, statistics of goals achieved, a lot of websites and applications have gained engagement from the customers. However, gamification should be used properly as it’s not for everything.

Using gamification in Smartea App will have to involve the experience of drinking tea and link with the purpose of learning about tea. In that way it becomes important to people for the purpose of being wiser and healthier. That way we will be able to know our customers more deeply and make the relationship stronger.


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